A Fresh Look @ My Hobby Objectives

So way way back on 20th August 2013 I posted this on my Hobby Objectives.

This is what they looked like almost 3 years ago and where I think I’m at with them.

  1. Sustainable and regular gaming.
    Think I’ve got this covered.
  2. Play more with more.
    Again largely got this covered.
  3. Home based gaming.
    Hmmmm… not quite happening other than on rare occasions.  Will it stay as an objective 3 years on? Not quite.
  4. Play something new at least one in every six gaming sessions.
    I think I achieve this every gaming session now, particularly with board & card games.
  5. Visit more game shops.
    Not really managed this and not sure I feel the need to drive it as an objective.
As per my post on the RPGLifeUK TweetUp at UK Games Expo 2016 I think I need to revamp / rethink some of these as in reality I’ve either demonstrated that I’m doing some of these with little or no effort due to circumstantial changes OR they just no longer apply…
So if I was writing these now they’d look something like this –
  1. Balanced gaming.
    So right now I’ve got the regular gaming largely in the bag but I’m heavily leaning towards Board & Card Games and whilst’s that’s been fantastically rewarding… I want to get some RPGs back onto my gaming agenda and I also want to play Battletech : Alpha Strike on a more regular basis. So really what I want is balance to my gaming hobby.  How do I achieve that?
  2. More gaming overall.
    So this is how I achieve 1 unless I re-start RPGs at DWARF Fridays but right now I can’t see that.  So how do I do it? ENT Fridays. One of the challenges with DWARF for RPGs is the slot length on a Friday.  ENT has the capability to host RPGs on Friday nights for approx 4 hours and I see that as a way of scratching that itch. DWARF Fridays will probably default to board games with us playing Pandemic: Legacy and likely some Battletech : Alpha Strike added for good measure at both ENT and DWARF.
  3. More involved.
    What do I mean by this? Well, I think I’m pretty involved in my local / regional hobby through clubs (previously ORC, DWARF and of course in the past couple of years with ENT) and of course having KoA helped define that to a certain extent. However if there’s something that I’ve wanted it’s to be more involved or more precisely “involved” in the hobby as a whole.  How do I go about that? Well that’s what I need to define but I suspect it’s going to be a combination of things.  There’s more definition needed here.
  4. Event Attendance
    Similar to 3 in that it’s about being more involved in my hobby. This however is a more direct response to the #RPGLifeUK tweetup where if I took anything away it’s that I need to attend more events / cons / whatever.  2016 won’t be terribly good for that I suspect as work is going demand a lot of my free weekends between September and the end of the year but I’d like to go some way to tracking this objective in 2017.
  5. Organise Events
    So this one does relate to 3 to a certain extent but it more focused. Bottom line here is I want to organise and deliver an event or series of events which would showcase the hobby. This will likely have a combination of micro and macro entries but in the end what I want to do is enable growth of the community through events.
So that’s where I’m at now I think.  It’s a decidedly different set of objectives to those I set out with when I started this blog but I’d suggest far more of an evolution than anything else.
The next step is to start delivering against them.  Let’s see how that plays out.