50 Days Later…

So this is post number 51 on this blog.

The 50 daily posts that precede this one cover various parts of my opinion on the hobby and some insight into my hobby of gaming.

I started the blog for a number of reasons that I’ve touched on over those 50 posts and I’m now beginning to look at what I want the blog to become.

As the former owner of a FLGS I am regularly contacted by people who are thinking of opening their own store and looking to me to provide them with some advice.  This has developed over the past couple of years into standard set of questions that I ask along with some reality-check information around what is involved.
I have so far resisted the temptation to do a series of posts about this as I really think that the advice has to be personalised to some extent depending on the individual situation.
If there’s interest in me doing a more general post to cover this then please comment below or send me an email to escapistthx@gmail.com and I’ll reply.

A side-effect (not sure if that’s the right phrase) of being a former FLGS owner is that I continue to keep my eye on the industry as a whole and I do this for a number of reasons but specifically the following.
It’s become part of who I am and I continue to have an interest in the industry and the role of the FLGS within it.
I also haven’t ruled out revisiting that business model.  Whether that be through opening a new store, buying (either outright or investment) an existing store or some other method I can see this happening, albeit not for a few years yet.

Alongside this I have variety of opinions on “the gaming community”, indeed whether one actually exists, but that’s a post for another time I think…