2018 is on the horizon and it’s going to be a busy year…

So as ever I’ve not posted here for some time.

Why now?  Well this remains my primary “brain dump” source for what’s going through my head hobby wise.  I do brain dumps less and less these days because I have a number of other channels in which to do that but if I want to rattle off a few things then I’ll likely come back here.

2017 has been an interesting year for me and my hobby.

End The Turn ended.
Largely down to availability, surprisingly not my availability but Liz’s.  Will we revisit a podcast in the future? Unlikely but only because of other stuff that’s going on that is eating up time.
It was an interesting and enjoyable experience doing the podcast and whilst I have no desire to start another one I’m not ruling it out.

RPGLiveUK happened.
I ran a RPG at it and that seemed to go down really well.  The weekend as a whole was great fun and I came away from it with the desire to run more RPGs but also accepting that right now that isn’t going to happen for all the reasons I’ve listed previously in this blog.  I’m not giving up but if I do run something I can see it being one-shots and I’d definitely re-run Brave New World again if the notion took me.

Roll Against Cancer faded.
Largely down to venue challenges, i.e. not finding one but more on that to come…

Convention Calendar on Google Sheets became a “go to” thing.
People on Facebook and Twitter started to contact me about it and were actually USING IT to plan their convention travels and perhaps more importantly convention organisers started to contact me about getting their 2018 dates on it.
If you’ve not seen it before I’ve tweaked the Bit.ly link to be – http://bit.ly/UKRPG_BGCons – if only because it’s not just a 2017 list now…

Objectives & Principles largely remained on track…
If you ignore the lack of RPGing and End The Turn ending that is.

What does 2018 look like then?

Well 1st of all this is happening

After 4ish years searching for a suitable venue, one appears from left field and I have to say it’s damn near perfect.  So on the 1st and 2nd of September 2018 you should come to the Dewars Centre in Perth to attend Tabletop Scotland.
I’ve written a fair amount on this blog on what a convention should and shouldn’t be.  34 posts (excluding this one) are tagged with convention.  I’m sure some of that will come back to haunt me but that’s absolutely fine.  If my team and I fail to hit the heights of what I expect then I assure you the first people who’ll be pointing that out will be us.

Alongside that I will be going to GenCon again. Whilst I won’t be posting with quite the same voracity as I was ahead of that first trip, I hope to post some stuff in the run up to this trip.

Since announcing Tabletop Scotland I’ve visited a lot of game stores that I haven’t been to before.  That will continue with some repeat visits no doubt for those I’ve recently visited.

I’m hoping to be at UK Games Expo, potentially going to AireCon and more than likely will be at Conpulsion at least for the Saturday to promote Tabletop Scotland.

I’ll obviously continue pushing East Neuk Tabletop Games forward and go to DWARF for regular gaming.

Beyond that I’ve no idea.  All of my spare time and energy is going into making sure that this convention is all that it can be.

So yeah.  2018 is going to be a very busy year.