100 Days and Counting

Without letting this turn into one of those Oscar speeches where there are tears and lots of meaningless thank yous.  I wanted to talk a little more about how I got this 2nd Chapter up and running and to thank those who’ve helped me to rediscover the fun.

Before I decided to do this blog I had to decide whether I wanted to start the 2nd Chapter and as I went through the process of making that decision I kicked off some gaming that in all honesty was more about testing the water than it was about having fun.  Back in those first few posts I explained the process that I went through to test that water.  With hindsight I probably made it harder than I needed to as I could have slipped into running that safe option and likely reducing the benefits I’ve had from the path now taken.

Jeez that sounds quite cerebral when I read it back but then I suppose that reflects just how important my hobby is to me and the level of breakage it had gone through towards the end of the 1st Chapter.

So, some thank yous.

I’d like to thank John Laurie, Paul Laurie and Tom Russell specifically for giving me that “in” and gently nudging me to re-engage with my hobby.  Granted the games played back then (Battletech tabletop and RPG) are games that have fallen by the wayside now but what I was playing wasn’t what was important, it was the actual playing of games with people I was comfortable to play games with.

I’d like to thank John Harper, Simon Harper and Brian Forrester for their friendship and encouragement to make DWARF my gaming venue.  Additional thanks to John and Simon for their enthusiasm in trying new games particularly RPGs.  Brian – I will get you playing a RPG one of these days!

I’d like to thank Douglas Hamilton, Ant Purdie and +Ross Hendry for their interest and high levels of enthusiasm to play games every week especially the board games and if nothing else you’re each to blame for my growing collection of board games!

Finally I’d like to thank +Erik Langskaill for his unflinching resolve in making sure that his mate Dave rediscovered his hobby.  Erik more than most knows just how much I’d been missing my hobby and his involvement in getting my re-engagement with it to where it is now is not to be underestimated.

There are others I probably could thank but that’s bordering on the Oscar style speech, most notably my wife for “letting” me spend money on my hobby!

So here we are, 100 days and counting.  With many more posts to come and hopefully a lot more fun to come too.